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Sirius Star® 100

We’re proud to announce the largest Sirius Star® 100 to date. It’s not every day that a diamond manufacturer announces the completion of a diamond, but this one is of extra special significance to the creators of the world’s brightest diamond®. “We were certain that gaining massive brilliance and symmetry would more than compensate for […]

The Black Moon

Not much is known about the 27.77ct  Black Moon. It is reported to be the third largest faceted black diamond in the world, and is locked away in a private collection in upstate New York. Black diamonds are kind of a paradox. They’re real diamonds, but they don’t do perform like their other counterparts. They don’t sparkle, they don’t […]

Edcora Red Diamond

The Edcora Red is a 5.71 carat red modified pear-shaped diamond (GIA graded as a  fancy red-brown). It is claimed to be the largest known red diamond in the world, and its owners have certainly hidden this one away from the rest of the world- we can’t even find any images to showcase this legendary […]

The Dresden White

The Dresden white is 49.71 carat colorless cushion shaped diamond. Its clarity and color is not graded, but it is described as “absolute colorless”. Dresden white diamond is a Type IIa diamond free of nitrogen and other impurities. The diamond being a late 17th century or early 18th century stone, is undoubtedly of Indian origin,  […]

The Dresden Green

The Dresden Green Diamond, also known as “Dresden Green”, is a 41 carat natural green diamond, which probably originated in the Kollur mine in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. The Dresden Green is a rare Type IIa, and it is said to be internally flawless. It is named after Dresden, the capital of […]

De Young One…

The De Young is red (modified round brilliant) diamond weighing in at 5.03 carat. It is the third largest red diamond in the world. The main kite-shaped facets on the crown are horizontally divided in two, giving the stone slightly more brilliance than a standard round brilliant. Red diamonds are the rarest and most exotic diamonds which means they […]

The other Sirius Star…

Since Sirius is more than 8 light-years away, you’re not seeing it as it is right now, but you’re seeing what it looked like in 2005 when all you could do with most mobile phones was talk to people and not stream your favorite television program. It’s taken that long for the light from Sirius, […]

The Deepdene Diamond

The Deepdene is a 104.52 carat yellow diamond widely considered to be the largest irradiated diamond in the world. The Deepdene gets its name from the Pennsylvania estate of Mrs. Bok, wife of Cary W. Bok, both the diamond’s original owners. At the time, the Deepdene weighed slightly more at 104.88 carat and was mounted […]

Sirius Star®

The world’s brightest diamond®, Sirius Star® is now trademarked. What started out as an experiment into increasing the light performance of a round (brilliant), resulted in what is now known as Sirius Star®. It started of with 80 inclined facets, followed by 88 and soon thereafter, 100. Continued research in pushing the briefke resulted in several different shapes […]

Darya-ye Noor

The Darya-ye Noor which means “Sea of Light”, or “Ocean of Light” in Persian; is one of the largest diamonds in the world, weighing an estimated 182 carat. Its color  pale pink, is one of the rarest to be found in diamonds. This diamond, like the Koh-i-Noor, was mined at the Golconda mines, more specifically Paritala-Kollur […]

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