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World’s brightest diamonds to be manufactured in Surat

Dharmanandan Diamonds Pvt Ltd has entered into an agreement with Canadian diamantaire, Mike Botha to manufacture these diamonds, named after the brightest star – Sirius. Surat, the world’s largest diamond cutting and polishing centre, is all set to roll out the brightest diamonds on earth. Dharmanandan Diamonds Pvt Ltd, the diamond maker based in Surat […]

Dharmanandan Diamonds Secures Licence for Sirius Star® — World’s Brightest Diamond® Cut

Dharmanandan Diamonds Pvt Ltd (DDPL) today announced that it has entered into an exclusive agreement with master diamond cutter, educator and designer Mike Botha to manufacture what it describes as the world’s brightest diamond®- Sirius Star®. Under the terms of the agreement, 7 patented diamond shapes: Sirius Star® 80 Round, Sirius Star® 100 Round, Sirius […]

Dharmanandan to Cut ‘Brightest Diamond’ Line

The Sirius Star cuts offer superior light performance, especially the round brilliant, Mike Botha, creator of Sirius Star (pictured, second from left), told Rapaport News. The four-tier pavilion-facet configuration stops light leaking through, giving the diamond more flash and scintillation than a regularly cut stone. For that reason, the brand has registered the trademark “World’s Brightest Diamond.” Under the […]

Master Cutter Mike Botha Teams With DDPL To Expand Sirius Star Diamonds

Surat, India–Dharmanandan Diamonds Pvt. Ltd., has entered an exclusive agreement with master diamond cutter, educator, and designer Mike Botha to globally expand the business opportunities of the Sirius Star® diamond collection. Botha is the creator of the Sirius Star. This exclusive licensing partnership consists of the seven patented diamond shapes: Sirius Star 80 Round, Sirius Star […]

Understanding Cut Grades

Understanding cut grades allows a retailer to make informed decisions when purchasing diamonds and therefore buy better. It also allows a retailer to explain the cut grade of a diamond to a client in an authoritative manner. Grading laboratories have differing criteria for cut grades, however, there is commonality in reporting as far as cut […]

When it’s a little too rough…

From time to time, we receive rough diamonds that we cannot do anything with- unless there’s a huge demand for I2’s and I3’s that we don’t know about. There are best set in jewelry as is- and leave the color and inclusions to the imagination. Don’t get me wrong, we can still get an AGS […]

Facet Definition

Every facet on a diamond fulfills a specific function. The crown facets are the ‘windows’ of the diamond which let light enter and exit a diamond. The pavilion facets are the ‘work horses’ that reflect light back through the crown facets. It is important that facets be placed in the correct positions and on the correct […]

Turning Damaged Inventory Into Profits

If you don’t have a relationship with a diamond cutter (someone who actually cuts diamonds), chances are you’re missing out on countless opportunities to realize additional revenue for your business. Hidden in your safe or stashed away at the back of your drawer are the lesser diamonds, which you’ve taken in over the years. They […]

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