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Amazing Reena – Designer and Artist

Look at what our friend Reena has done! She is just amazing! Besides being the top jewelry designer in Canada, she has risen to become the foremost gem artist as well. Check out her latest creation below. http://www.reenaahluwalia.com/blog/2015/10/3/the-portal-of-eternity-a-painting-by-reena-ahluwalia Well done Reena!

Canadian Diamonds – Rough Images

Canadian Rough diamonds have their own distinctive morphology. Unlike some Russian and African diamonds, they are seldom equidimensional. They often have inverted cube faces and sometimes severely irregular forms. But that is just on the outside. The atomic structure is pretty decent and seldom would one have a diamond with lamellar twinning or internal graining. […]

Diamonds – Industry Status

Diamond Prices There has been a steady decline in diamond prices over the past year. Who do we blame for this? Basically the same dynamic that we find in the stock market namely greed and fear. Historic pricing Diamond prices used to be controlled by the CSO (Central Selling Organization) arm of De Beers. Having […]

Diamonds – Facet Definition

‘a diamond is only as good as its worst facet’-Mb   Making Every Facet Count Every facet on a diamond fulfils a specific function. The crown facets are the ‘windows’ of the diamond which let light enter and exit a diamond. The pavilion facets are the ‘work horses’ that reflect light back through the crown […]

What is Wrong With our Steep and Flat Diamond Images

Images of steep and flat diamonds There are a plethora of images on websites, and printed material to show the evils of flat or steep diamonds, but are they a correct rendering of what happens to light in a diamond? Let us put them to the test. We are going to use computer modeling to show […]

Time for a Paradigm Shift

MODEL ‘T’ FORD AND THE ROUND BRILLIANT The modern Round Brilliant has been around for over a century. Its genesis roughly correlates with that of the Model T Ford. Whereas the Ford Motor Company pursued innovation by improving their technology and designs, the diamond industry was content with the work done by Marcel Tolkowsky. I […]

Esperanza 3D Files

At 147 facets, the Esperanza Triolette is a particularly challenging shape. You can Download Esperanza 3D FIles (courtesy of AGS Laboratories and OGI Tech Systems). If you’re a diamond cutter interested in attempting to cut this spectacular new design by Mike Botha, Master Diamond Cutter, drop us a line.   Please note that this Triolette Design is © Mike […]

Diamond Crystallography – Cube Analysis

Diamonds crystallize in the tetrahedral system which is a sub system to the main cubic system. To better understand the crystal structure of diamonds I am going to start by analyzing the cube. So let us put the cube through its mathematical paces. Here is a standard 100 mm cube that we are going to […]

The Esperanza Triolette

When I was commissioned to create a design for the Esperanza diamond discovered by Brooke Oskarson at the Crater of Diamonds in Arkansas, I was inspired by the shape of the diamond to create something that would best suit the shape. I have done a similar diamond some years back which was masterly set in […]

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