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Canadian Diamond Cutters The legacy continues here...

Handbook of Gemmology Review

The Handbook of Gemmology By Geoffrey M. Dominy with photos by Tino Hammid Vancouver-based Geoffrey Dominy has just released a digital-format book, The Handbook of Gemmology, featuring the photographs of notable photographer Tino Hammid. Why digital? “Tino and I chose to make our book digital for one reason and one reason only,” Dominy explains, “to make […]

Petra Blue

Petra Diamonds Limited announced the recovery of a 25.5 carat blue diamond at the Cullinan mine in South Africa. The stone is considered to be a high quality gem diamond of top colour. Blue diamonds are among the rarest and most highly coveted of all diamonds and the Cullinan mine is the most important source […]

Handbook of Gemmology

I recall the day I first spoke to Geoffrey Dominy. It was about 18 months ago. If my memory serves me right, my initial call was an introductory call, so yes, I was talking about Sirius Star®…the world’s brightest diamond®. Needless to say, after a very brief chat we dove right into diamond cutting, polishing, photography […]

De Beers

Shortly after the formation of De Beers Consolidated Mines Limited in March 1888, a huge light yellow octahedral crystal was found in the De Beers Mine. The gem, named the “De Beers Diamond” weighed an astonishing 428.50 (old) carat (old carats being the pre-1913 non-metric carat) and measured 47.6 mm through its longest axis and […]

Begum Blue

The “Begum Blue” diamond (seen here set in Princess Salima Aga Khan’s necklace)  is a 13.78 carat, fancy deep blue, heart-shaped diamond of unknown clarity. The “Begum Blue” diamond was the property of Princess Salima Aga Khan (formerly Sarah Croker Poole), the wife of His Royal Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan IV. The wife of the […]


This fine quality yellow oval-cut diamond, weighing about 10 carat, is named after Louis-Jean-Marie de Bourbon, Duke of Penthièvre (1725 – 95). Ryan Thompson (Famous Diamonds) managed to dig a little deeper into the history of this unique diamond. Neither the circumstances nor the date of the Duke’s acquisition of the gem appear to be known. In […]

Fly like an eagle…

In 1876 Charles Woods was digging on land he was renting in Eagle Wisconsin. He came across a stone he thought was quartz because of its smoky yellow color. He kept the stone but didn’t think anything of it. A few years later he and his family came on hard times and sold the stone […]

Chopard Universal 201

Today’s featured collection of diamonds reminds us of the recently released images of our universe’s cosmic microwave fluctuations over the full sky using five years of data. The colors represent tiny temperature fluctuations of the remnant glow from the infant universe: red regions are warmer and blue are cooler. This unique watch by legendary Swiss […]

The Shah Jahan

The Shah Jahan is table-cut or taviz diamond weighing 56.71 carat. It is one of several legendary diamonds that have been credited as a match for the Great Table Diamond first viewed and recorded by Jean-Baptiste Tavernier at Golconda in 1642 (though some claim this may be an error). Shah Jahan was the emperor of […]

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