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Canadian Diamond Cutters The legacy continues here...

A Jubilee

In the year the Queen Elizabeth celebrates her Diamond Jubilee, it is only fitting that we look back at the Jubilee Diamond. The Jubilee Diamond, originally known as the Reitz Diamond is a colourless, cushion-shaped diamond weighing 245.35 carat, making it the sixth largest diamond in the world. It was originally named after Francis William […]

Lichtenburg Red

Rose are red, but the Kazanjian Red is a 5.05 carat short emerald cut, originally discovered in the 1920s in Lichtenburg, South Africa. The rough weighed 35 carat. At the time, a diamond dealer paid 280 British pounds (eight pounds per carat) for it, and shipped the rock to Amsterdam to be cut and polished […]

A Kimberley Diamond of note…

The Kimberley Diamonds is a flawless, 70-carat, step cut, champagne-colored diamond that was found in the Kimberley Mine, South Africa. In 1921 it was re-cut into this modern shape in in 1921 from a large, flat stone that was once in the Russian Crown Jewels. In 1958, the stone was again recut by it’s owners, […]


The second of the two American Gem Society birthstones for November is Citrine. Citrine is known as the “healing quartz”. This golden gemstone is said to support vitality and health while encouraging and guiding hope, energy and warmth within the wearer. Citrine can be found in a variety of shades ranging from pastel yellow to dark brownish […]

Mountain of Light

The Koh-i-Nur , meaning “Mountain of Light” in Persian language is a 105.6 carat diamond in the most recent cut state, and once the largest known diamond. The Koh-i Nur is believed by some to have originated in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India together with its double, the Darya-ye Noor (the “Sea of […]

Archie for $22M

Christie’s Geneva concluded its fall sale of Magnificent Jewels today, which achieved a total of $80,885,395 (CHF 76,630,850). While full details from the auction were still being calculated this evening, the top lot sold was the Archduke Joseph Diamond (pictured) and it realized $21,506,914. The unmounted cushion-shaped diamond, weighing approximately 76.02 carats, came with purple […]


The Incomparable Diamond is another African diamond, one of the largest ever found in the world – 890 carat! A young girl encountered it in 1984 a pile of rubble collected from old mine dumps of the nearby MIBA Diamond Mine, Democratic Republic of the Congo. The rubble was sorted out during the recovery process […]

Harry Winston’s Ekati Mine…

Mining group BHP Billiton has agreed to sell its 80 percent stake in the EKATI diamond mine in Canada to miner and jeweller Harry Winston for $500 million in cash. The sale, due to complete in the first quarter of next year, will result in an impairment of around $200 million after tax to the […]

Earth Star…

Earth Star Diamond was found at another South African mine of De Beers, the Jagersfontein Mine on May 16, 1967. The diamond came from the 2,500-foot (760 m) level of the volcanic diamond-bearing pipe. The rough gem weighed 248.9 carat and was cut into a 111.59 carat pear-shaped gem with a strong brown color and […]

A Golden Jubilee

The Golden Jubilee Diamond is currently the largest cut diamond in the world. It was found in 1985 as a rough stone of 755.5 carat in the Premier mine, South Africa – one of the most famous diamond mines in the world operated by De Beers. The stone was cut into a 545.67 carat and […]

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