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Prairie Diamonds…

Local diamond cutters and business advocates are hoping governments will get behind the idea of turning Prince Albert and area into a world player in the diamond market. At the city council meeting on Oct. 11, local diamond cutter and businessman Evert Botha went before city council to advocate for the creation of a friendly […]

Cross your heart…

The Red Cross is a canary yellow cushion-shaped diamond weighing 205.07 carat. It is said to have weighed 375 carat in the rough and to have come from one of the Kimberly mines in 1901. The largest rough found that year weighed only 307 carat, but two more weighing 337½ and 363 carat, had been […]


The Regent Diamond is a diamond which is on display in the Louvre. Another epic movie awaits! In 1698, a slave found the 410 carat uncut diamond in a Golkonda mine, more specifically Paritala-Kollur Mine in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India and concealed it inside a large wound in his leg. An English sea […]

Pumpkin anyone?

The Pumpkin Diamond measures 5.54 carat, rated as Fancy Vivid Orange by the Gemological Institute of America. The Pumpkin Diamond was mined in Central African Republic and then imported into South Africa for sale, it was later cut and polished by William Goldberg, and put to auction at Sotheby’s where it was bought by Ronald Winston […]


This may be a little dated for some, but contains significant indicators for the future for natural diamonds. Most analysts believe that world production of rough diamonds has reached a plateau, with declining production at the world’s major mines and no significant new sources of rough diamonds.According to Economics Group’s (MEG) recent Strategic Report, in […]

Is it really from the Cape?

The Porter Rhodes is considered to be the finest diamond found up to that time (1880), the 153.50 carat rough this stone was cut from came from the claim of Mr. Porter-Rhodes in the Kimberly Mine. At the time it was valued at $200,000. In 1881, Mr. Porter Rhodes visited the Osborne House on the […]

Calling Hollywood producers!

As with most of our legendary diamonds, the history of Le Sancy is a movie epic yet to be written and directed by a Ridley Scott or Steven Spielberg. Le Sancy, a pale yellow diamond weighing 55.23 carat, was once reputed to have belonged to the Mughals of antiquity, but is more likely of Indian […]

The Diamond Shah (inscription’s standard)

The Diamond Shah is 88.7 carat, 3 cm long, yellow diamond, extremely clear.This diamond was found in Central India, probably in 1450, and is currently in the Kremlin.It was rendered to the Nizam Shahi court in Ahmednagar. In 1591, Shah Nizam ordered carving on one of the facets of the diamond: “Burhan-Nizam-Shah Second. Year 1000”. […]

Star of the East

The Star of the East is 95-carat stone once owned by Evalyn Walsh McLean of Washington DC, who also owned the Hope Diamond. The Star of the East remained in Evalyn Walsh McLean’s ownership for 40 years or so. After her death, Harry Winston bought both diamonds and in 1951 he sold the Star of […]


The Spoonmaker’s Diamond is an 86 carat pear-shaped diamond which is considered the pride of the Imperial Treasury exhibitions at the Topkapi Palace Museum (Turkey) and its most valuable single exhibit. Considered the fourth largest diamond of its kind in the world, it is kept under conditions of high security. Set in silver, surrounded by […]

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