Shipping Instructions

Thank you for trusting us with the restoration (re-cut, repair & re-polish) of your diamonds.  There are a couple of pointers which we’ve learnt over the last 5 years of shipping between the USA and Canada.

1.) Once you have ve completed your Submission spreadsheet, please email it to so that we can prepare your shipping pack. We use this information to pre-clear your shipments.

2.) Your shipping pack which we will email to you should consist of 5 pages- 2 waybills and 3 commercial invoices. Each of the 3 commercial invoices needs to be signed and placed in the laminated pouch on the outside of the box with the 2 waybills.

3.) Please always double-box your shipments and please include a copy of your submission sheets with the diamond(s) in the box.  ParcelPro’s Safe Packaging List is a very handy reference to keep close.

4.) Our experience shows that dropping off the parcel at a FedEx location will very often delay the shipment by up to 24 hours. To arrange a FedEx pick-up there are certain cut-offs online, but very often they will ensure your pick-up is taken care of if you call 1-800-463-3339 and schedule a pick-up.

Should you need any Fedex supplies, we recommend the following items (which you can order online from FedEx or ParcelPro):

Fedex Small Boxes

Fedex Medium Boxes

Fedex International Pouches

Fedex Laser Labels



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